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Megan Townes

Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
Megan Townes has been a teacher for 10 years. She has worked as a primary, English, computing, drama, and PDHPE teacher. She is passionate about working with teachers to help them integrate technology into their classrooms, from helping a colleague one-on-one or running group workshops. Megan is a self-confessed edugeek who loves connecting, sharing and learning with teachers across the world through social media.
Megan currently works with Microsoft as the NSW Teacher Ambassador where she works with teachers to help them to integrate the use of technology into their classrooms to engage and motivate students. Prior to this she worked at Abbotsleigh School for Girls (2011-2015) as an IT Integrator and English teacher where she worked extensively with staff and students to plan and deliver cross-curricular projects, professional learning and student IT leadership programs. Megan also worked at Richmond High School (2007-2011) as an English and Computing teacher where she implemented the Digital Education Revolution program including laptop rollouts, student bootcamps, teacher training and parent evenings.
Megan enjoys her technological world but also enjoys switching off by camping and roadtripping with her family, attending music festivals and concerts, and helping out at her sons’ rugby league club.
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