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Tamara Rodgers

Evans High School
Teacher Librarian
Western Sydney
I am a proud public school teacher in NSW, passionate about engaging and connecting students in ways that are meaningful to them. I'm obsessed with (in no particular order); social media, coffee, new book smell, appropriate apostrophisation, Neil Gaiman, libraries, old book smell, the wonderful world of Marvel, trying something new, coffee, the Oxford comma, failure and its essential role in life, finding the perfect meme for every social situation, Wonder Woman, and dumplings.
The serious stuff? Teacher Librarian at Evans High School, where I've worked for so long I'm almost a part of the furniture. I'm interested in STEM and gaming, student and community engagement, and the endless power of stories to connect and transform lives. I'm passionate about a lot of stuff, and I love talking to people about what they are passionate about.

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